Our little kitchen garden

My middle son, the one with ADHD, is a fanatic about gardening. On a recent trip to Bunnings he came across a “Kitchen Seed Sprouter” by Mr Fothergill’s (http://mrfothergills-seeds-bulbs.com.au/Kitchen-Seed-Sprouters/), so I bought it for him, realising how wonderful it would be to grow our own sprouts. I couldn’t find any “Failsafe” sprout seeds at Bunnings so decided I’d try my luck with lentils and a few other legumes from the supermarket and local spice bazaar. They were all a success, except for the chickpeas which went mouldy. The kids just love taking care of the little garden and get great delight in watching the sprouts grow. The best thing about it is they sprout within a day or 2 and most varieties are ready to eat in about 3 days. Needless to say, we have had a “sprout fest”!

Our kitchen seed sprouter in full flight
Black lentil sprouts from the supermarket

Good old regular green lentis

Mixed salad, not Failsafe so they’re for me
Mung (Moong) bean sprouts. I got the beans from an Indian spice bazaar

4 thoughts on “Our little kitchen garden

  1. Wow! We were so impressed we went out and bought one for a friend's 7th birthday!! She's rapt. My nearly-9.y.o also wants one or her birthday, which is lucky since I'd already decided this was what she was getting!!

  2. I'm so glad you were inspired! We love ours too and always have sprouts on hand now….saving us a fortune and such a yummy snack, I can't help picking at them when I'm cooking.

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