Some overseas guests

My mummy in law (Mil) has come to visit and she has brought a friend with her. Mil lives in Tunisia, Northern Africa. She was born in England, raised in Australia and of recent years fell in love with a Tunisian man, married him and is now a resident of Tunisia. They have land in the south and are busily building a house and growing lots of stuff, some of which include olives, almonds and pistachios. They had their first olive harvest recently and produced some oil using the traditional method where a donkey walks around and around and around and around whilst a big stone crushes the fruit, producing litres and litres of beautiful golden oil. Of course she brought some over for us to try. It tastes soooo good and so very different from what we have here. It actually tastes like olives! I’m accustomed to extra virgin olive oil tasting rather grassy. When I first saw the 2 litre bottle she gave us I thought I might give some to my mum but after using it for the first time on Saturday I became a little greedy and decided that her and dad can taste it when they visit later in the week and can wait to get their own when Mil visits next. Is that wrong of me? I don’t think so. I cherish good olive oil and become a little like a kid with candy when I get a really special batch!

Ha! I just realised that I must be totally obsessed with food. This post was going to be about the guests but it has very quickly become a post about food! I might have to change direction for a moment and backtrack.

So Mil isย  “Memma” (grandmother) to my gorgeous little poppet and a “step memma” to my other 2. The last time she saw her little man, he was not even 2 weeks old and he’s now 10 months. I’m sure you can imagine her reaction and the tears when she saw him on Friday! Fortunately he is the sort of baby who doesn’t have issues with strangers so he went to her without a hassle, but do you think I could get my hands back on him? His cheeks were turned soggy and he was squeezed so much you would be forgiven for mistaking him for a little kid’s teddy bear. It was such a beautiful thing to see, the love and adoration in her eyes as she stared endlessly at him, inspecting his fingers, toes, eyes, everything! He knew who she was, I’m sure of it. I began to fear that I may lose my baby, that his Memma might babynap him and take him back to Tunisia where he could finally meet his Azizzi (step grandfather) who is yet to meet him due to visa issues, but I shan’t get into that one!

Talk about photos! So many pictures were taken of the precious moments on Friday evening and we were able to capture the priceless expressions on Mil’s face as she watched, for the first time, her adored grandson crawl, giggle, squeal, chat, fart, spew, blah, blah, blah. She was mesmerised. And who could blame her really, he’s one cute little dumpling and no, that is NOT a biased opinion, it is the truth!

Oh yes, the accompanying English friend, I almost forgot about her. She is LOVELY. I’m not allowed to call her a tourist, it sparks such terrible images, so we call her a guest. Although, with how well we get along, I may be calling her a piece of the furniture before long ;). Such a thoughtful lady who brought us all gifts regardless of the fact that she had never met any of us.

Yesterday, Sunday, we treated our English tourist, oops, I mean guest, to a good old Aussie BBQ. Yes, she’s had BBQs before but not an Aussie one. We go all out. It’s not just a a couple of pieces of meat on the grill and a green salad, it’s chicken, steak, seafood and vegies (no sausages in this house) on the grill and a couple of accompanying salads, one green and the other a little more gourmet, usually a coleslaw or potato salad. In my case, it was an Asian inspired green salad and my delicious cauliflower and pomegranate salad, only this time I didn’t cook the cauliflower. Oh it was all sooooo good! We got rave reviews from our guest and she asked me if any of the recipes are on here and if not, could I please put them on so she can make our delights when she returns home. I was so chuffed. She even said that the Cauliflower and pomegranate salad was one of the best salads she has ever eaten. My mum said the same thing when I served it to her a few weeks ago ๐Ÿ™‚ So to appease my new friend, I will have to add a couple of things to my “non Failsafe” section, one of which is my Asian style salad dressing…stay tuned for it peeps.

We went for a walk in a local park to work off some of the food….we ate so much it was crazy…and Su got to see some local flora and fauna. We sniffed gum leaves and she was amazed at the variations in aromas from the many different species. She thought that all eucalypts would smell like the good old eucalyptus oil that we all know so well, which is understandable. I think I may have started something. Not only will Su be walking around snapping tons of photos like all good guests do, but she’ll be picking gum leaves, crushing them between her fingers and sniffing them, everywhere she goes.


3 thoughts on “Some overseas guests

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  2. Ah what a visit!! Already the whole family here have been subjected to the million photos I took of the ‘bino’ and of course coo-ed and aaah-ed at the appropriate time. Still can’t believe I am a grandmother, takes a bit of getting used to ‘cos in my head I’m still 21! Believe me all, it was the best holiday for me (not sure about our ‘guest’ though – getting dragged everyday to watch me drool over the bino) and I so enjoyed the flavours of Australia which I miss while I’m in Tunisia. Asian greens mmmmm……..we have seeds and we will grow them and the oil? Yes, I’ll be bringing more when I return in November. Bislemma and thank you for these wonderful recipes.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed your time with your grandson. It was so wonderful to see the connection between the 2 of you. I loved how he stopped everything when he heard your voice each time you came to visit. Your visit inspired this weekends meals….”Moroccan” flavours. Mmmm, soooo yummy. I think the oil made it ๐Ÿ˜‰

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