Storm in a teacup!

I’ve been craving cake today. Ooey gooey choccy cake. I tried to ignore the urge but as I perused through a few blogs, I kept coming across cake and cookie recipes which, of course, made my cravings stronger and stronger. I still tried to resist but then I saw a recipe for a chocolate cake for one and I realised I could run but I couldn’t hide. It looked interesting, very interesting…..and delicious! But of course, I didn’t have half the ingredients, in fact I think I only had 1 of the ingredients, so I tuned in my creative brain and got to work. It took me 2 attempts but since this such a quick and easy thing to make, that was no problem at all.
Now I must mention that this is not 100% Failsafe, it’s only good if you tolerate amines but hey, us hard working mums need a quick, easy treat that we can whip up from next to nothing in next to no time at all. In fact, this is the perfect decadent treat for once the kiddies are in bed…but I must warn you, you need to eat it while it’s hot….and DO NOT share it with anyone.

My first attempt was in a tea mug and my second, only because I had no clean, suitable mugs left, I used a ramekin. Well, you’ll need to use a mug, unless your ramekins have handles, otherwise you’ll need to fumble around with a tea towel, and when you’re anxious to dive into your little, hard earned treat, that will just take up too much valuable eating and relaxing time. Ok, I’ve garbled on enough…here it is………

2 1/2 tbsp of gluten free self raising flour (1/2 tbsp is about 2 tsps)

2 tbsp of cocoa powder

1 tsp brown sugar (if you like things a little sweeter, add extra sugar. I like the bitterness of chocolate)

1 tbsp golden syrup

1 tbsp cashew spread (or peanut butter)

4 tbsp of milk

Place all ingredients into a bowl and mix really well. Pour into a lightly greased mug (or ramekin) and pop in the microwave for about 90 seconds. If you want a gooier treat, cook a little less. Eat whilst hot! It still tastes good once it’s cooled but the texture changes and I think it needs cream…of which I have none




2 thoughts on “Storm in a teacup!

  1. Oh, that reminds me of the one I blogged about from Cooktolove!! That chocolate mug cake was heaven! That’s what inspired my cookies! Yours looks delicious! šŸ™‚ I love that it is so easy and fast! Chocolate is always a must šŸ™‚

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