Additive Free Eating

Myself and a group of like minded friends have started up a Facebook group that is dedicated to additive free eating. Please come along and join in the conversation,  meet like minded people, gain extra knowledge, share your own knowledge  and tell your stories.

I created the group just last Thursday, August 9, and already, in just 8 days, we have over 1,000 members. It just goes to show that there was a gap in the market and the need for people to gain support and more knowledge on the subject. It’s really quite incredible and heart warming to see just how involved people have become in such a short period of time, and the number of people who have just begun their additive free journey, thanks to the group, is overwhelming.

Let’s get the word out there. Let’s educate mainstream society on just how terrible food additives (and other toxic substances that we put on our skin and in our homes) really are. Let’s band together to shake up the food industry and food labeling standards. And if you’re a blogger of additive free wholefoods, get on there and share your site around 🙂

It’s called Additive Free Eating and you can find us by clicking on this link


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