Recipe index


“Tinned” beetroot

Chicken stock

Basic dressing

Whole egg garlic mayonnaise

Pear sauce

Gluten free crepes

Rhubarb and choko chutney

Pickled carrot

Special seafood mocktail sauce

Sticky sauce

Gluten free pasta

Fauxbecue sauce

Crusty pizza base

Starters and snacks

Chickpea dip

Beetroot dip

Baked beans

Quick baked beans

Rice paper rolls

Nibbly no-nuts

Gluten free dim sims

Beetroot and cashew dip

Rice echidnas (rice balls)

Frittata muffins

Grrreat balls of rice (egg and dairy free rice and quinoa balls)

Gluten free muesli slice

Savoury nibbly no-nuts


Roasted pumpkin and garlic soup

Asian style chicken noodle soup

Perfect zucchini soup

Creamy fog (creamy pea soup)

“Aussie” onion soup


Poppy seed and saffron chicken bake

Asian style chicken noodle soup

Chicken and sprout burgers

Stir fried chicken slices

Chicken schnitzels

Rice paper rolls

Creamy chicken

Vanilla Saffron Chicken


Lettuce delight

Allergy free burritos

Not stroganoff

Rice paper rolls

Vegetarian and legumes


Baked beans

quick baked beans

Mock spinach quiche

Leeking cabbage

Mosaic pie

Gluten free veggie slice

Rice echidnas (rice balls)


Beetroot salad

Pear and sprout salad

Asian style sprout salad

Quinoa and mixed sprout salad

Creamy quinoa and mixed sprout salad

Sprouty rainbow salad

Quick creamy pasta salad

Rice and other grains/seeds

Eggy rice



moules en mirepoix bouillon (mussels in mixed vegie broth)

Deep fried whitebait

Marvellous marinara

Fishy fingers

Side dishes/vegetables

Leeking cabbage

Baked goods

Savoury flour blend

Basic gluten free bread

Pastry dough

Gluten free apple crumble

Impostor ANZAC biscuits

Maple crackles

Soft spongy gluten free white bread

Gluten free muesli slice


Gluten free apple crumble

Pear and vanilla sago

Super simple pear and maple sorbet

Peachy keen frozen dessert


Rice echidnas (rice balls)

Frittata muffins

Rice paper rolls

Chickpea dip

Beetroot dip

Nibbly no-nuts

Gluten free muesli slice


Gluten free toasted muesli

Non Failsafe

Schana’s Spanish inspired tomatoes with mushrooms

Cauliflower and pomegranate salad

Asian style salads and dressing

Middle Eastern meat rub

Middle Eastern veggie salad

Middle Eastern inspired cous cous salad with spatchcock


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