A New Blog!!!

I am now collaborating with a group of like minded women and working on a new blog. We have a vision, a vision to educate more people about the dangers of  additives, not just in our food, but what we use within our homes and on our skin and hair. It seems that more and more people are searching for something better…healthier, more wholesome options. It seems that as a society we’re becoming jaded by manufacturers messing with the natural balance and adding harmful substances to so many things. It seems that nothing is immune and so many people just aren’t aware of what they’re feeding their families and the harmful chemicals they’re absorbing from their toxic environments.

Please pop over and have a look. It’s early days but we plan to have a lot more content very soon. You can look forward to some scrumptious recipes, product ideas, natural alternatives to many commonplace household items and personal care products and a plethora of information and resources aimed at helping individuals live a cleaner life.

We are the “Additive Aunts” and you’ll find us here at Additive Free Living. We’re there to help so don’t be shy, ask away, and if you’re after further support on your journey to a cleaner life, we also have the Additive Free Eating support group on Facebook. The response in this group has been overwhelming and people are learning a lot and gaining some very valuable support and ideas from like minded people so get on over and join the conversation.

eat right

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